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THE UNIVERSITY MISSIONSaint Louis University Mission

We are Mission Driven
The Saint Louis University Student Involvement Center closely follows the University mission and the mission for the Division of Student Development. Programs, services, staffing, and advising all follow the unique Jesuit ideals and mission of SLU.

The Student Involvement Center at Saint Louis University is comprised of several functional areas, each supported by a number of professional, Master's level or graduate student staff. Susan Fanale is the Director of the Center and leads a team of talented and enthusiastic staff that are here to support, educate, and engage students.


Mission for the Student Involvement Center

As the Student Involvement Center, we are committed to creating educational experiences that engage students through their campus involvement, leadership development, and college transitions.

As a department we value the following:

Holistic Development: We support the mission of the university by caring for the whole student. We assist in developing the student through their college transitions. We strive to promote to students the value of balance and applying the Jesuit values.

Servant Leadership: We promote opportunities to develop students through a servant leadership model that promotes magis. We help students identify their passions where they can engage and commit to their passions and the Jesuit values.

Diversity and Inclusion: We work to create a supportive, caring environment that honors all individuals where human dignity is paramount. We challenge and support students to engage with new experiences and people so they can learn and apply social justice.

Collaboration: We build mutually beneficial relationships with campus and community partners to maximize the use of resources in the best interest of the students' development. We create an environment of innovation and development of programs and services that meet the current needs of our students.

Engagement and Co-curricular Involvement: We encourage students to be active participants in their college experience so they can reflect and apply what they have learned to help them connect their curricular and co-curricular experiences.

Higher purpose. Greater good.
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