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Academic Coaching

What is Academic Coaching?

Academic Coaching is type of personal coaching that assists undergraduate students with the planning and completion of academic goals. Like a coach of any sport, the academic coach's goal is to help students perform to the best of their ability. Through a process of personal exploration and skills development, students will reach a more complete understanding of their academic strengths and challenges and will establish immediate and long-term goals toward contribute to their overall academic achievement.

Who are Academic Coaches?

Academic Coaches are professional staff members within the Student Success Center. Each Coach is trained to work with students in many areas, such as the following:
• Study skills
• Time management
• Test-taking
• Note-taking
• Learning styles
• Motivation
• Goal setting
• Campus resources
• Self- advocacy

What can I expect from Academic Coaching?

Students can expect to meet one-on-one with an Academic Coach for approximately four to five weeks. Through these meetings, students are encouraged to be active participants in their learning process. Through reflections, activities, and self assessments, an Academic Coach will get to know students' academic experiences, current challenges, and expectations for coaching. Once this context is established, the coach and student will work collaboratively to create a unique plan of action that will contribute to learning and student success.

Because academic coaching is individually tailored to each students' needs, the content of the four to five meetings will vary from person to person; however, the typical first meeting includes:

  • Explanation of academic coaching at SLU and expectations
  • Discussion of reasons for seeking coaching
  • Review of needs assessment/intake form
  • Identification of strengths and areas for improvement


Creating Appointments:

To schedule an initial academic coaching meeting, students should enter through SLU Appointments in the mySLU portal and select "Academic Coaching." For additional questions, please contact the Student Success Center at (314)977-2649

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