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New and Repeat International Programs
All International Programs sponsored by Saint Louis University should originate with faculty or staff and carry the endorsement of the appropriate departmental and college administrators. The Office of International Services welcomes and encourages early and informal consultation by faculty, staff, and academic units exploring International Program options. All International Programs will be reviewed by the Office of International Services. After initial review, completed program proposals will be reviewed and approved by the International Initiatives Committee and the Office of Academic Affairs. Any short term programs associated with the Saint Louis University Madrid campus will be approved by the Madrid administration.

International Programs include, but are not limited to, any international program of study, research, service or other University sponsored international experience. Please review the process to propose different types of International Programs and contact the Office of International Services to get started!

Faculty & Staff Out-of-Country Medical Expense Coverage and 24/7 Assistance Services
As part of Saint Louis University's business travel accident program, University employees who work 32 hours a week or more and travel on University sponsored business may be entitled to international travel accident coverage for you, your spouse, and/or children traveling with you. For additional information, and enrollment, please visit the Office of Risk Management and Insurance International Travel webpage. Please direct inquiries regarding this faculty/staff insurance coverage to Risk Management,314-977-3952.

Part time University employees who do not work 32 hours or more a week should contact Annie Cavedine in the Office of International Services, 314-977-4081 or, for information regarding international insurance coverage. Part time employees will need to purchase international insurance through the Saint Louis University HTH Worldwide Insurance plan, prior to departure. Additional information regarding the HTH Worldwide Insurance may be found within the Health and Safety portion of the study abroad webpage. University insurance is required for all travelers. Payment for the international insurance may be made through SLU Marketplace or Inter-Departmental Order (IDO) and may be arranged directly with the Office of International Services.

FAQ Questions about Students Going Abroad

When do students go abroad?
Students participate in semester or academic year study abroad programs during their Sophomore or Junior year and complete the application process one semester before they wish to go abroad (Transfer students must spend at least one semester at the Saint Louis Campus before applying to go abroad). Upon entry to Saint Louis University, students should discuss this plan with their Academic Advisor and Mentor(s) to determine which semester is best and what courses to save.

Where can students go?
Students may choose from over 40 SLU-approved study abroad programs, in over 25 countries and a variety of short-term and summer programs. 

What courses will students take?
While abroad, students typically take general classes required of all majors. We encourage students to talk to their advisers early, plan which core classes they will take abroad and save them for that semester. Grades and credits for all SLU-approved exchange and study abroad courses will appear on a student's transcript and factor into his or her cumulative Saint Louis Univeristy GPA.  Grades and credits from SLU administered programs, such as SLU Madrid and short-term faculty-led study abroad programs do transfer and average into a student's SLU GPA.

How do students apply?
Students apply through the Study Abroad office the semester before they plan to go abroad. 
The deadline for spring study abroad programs is October 1 and the deadline for summer and fall study abroad programs is March 1.

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