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Spring 2016 SLU Visa Service Deadline: Friday, April 1st, 2016 by 4:00 (no extensions)

Spain Visa
All non-European Union students who plan to study in Spain for a semester or full year are required to obtain a visa. A Spanish visa is a formal travel document (a sticker in your passport) issued by a Spanish consulate. A visa is an official document that confirms that an individual is authorized to enter the territory for which the visa was issued. A visa is essentially your permission to travel to and within a particular country. There are 2 types of student visas based on the amount of time the student will be abroad:

Long stay/term up to 180 days: students attending the Madrid campus for one semester

Long stay/term over 180 days: students attending the Madrid campus for more than one semester (i.e, Spring and Summer, Fall and Spring, ....) For this visa the student will need to submit 2 additional forms; a background check authenticated by the Apostille of Hague and medical doctor's note. To view specific information on these two additional documents as well as information on the Apostille of the Hague Convention, please click here

Non-European and non-U.S. citizens may also require a visa to study abroad for short periods of time, including the summer. Please contact your study abroad advisor for additional information at 

PLEASE NOTE: Processing time for Spanish visas can take up to 15 weeks!
For students applying for the visa of over 180 days, the background check can take 15 weeks to obtain and it has to be completed prior to applying for a visa, please take this into consideration so as to apply for these documents in a timely manner. 

The deadline for the SLU Visa Service  cannot be changed, as our appointment date is set by the Spanish Consulate.

SLU Visa Service
Saint Louis University provides a SLU visa service to assist students in obtaining their visa for Spain. Students studying at the Madrid campus who meet the eligibility requirements indicated below will be able to use the SLU Visa Service. Saint Louis University will act as a legal representative on behalf of the student at the Chicago Spanish Consulate. In order to use this service, students must meet the following eligibility requirements:

Eligibility Requirements for the SLU Visa Service

SLU Visa Service Forms

Students not using the SLU Visa Service

Students applying for more than one semester

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