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Living with a Host Family

Some programs offer the exciting opportunity to live with a host family. 
Living with a host family is a great way to fully immerse yourself into the culture and language of the host country.
Students often form close relationships with their host family, which may last a lifetime!  Students who live with host families have said that they feel more confident speaking in the host language.

Please remember to be respectful of your host family’s property and lifestyle.   Pay attention to the daily routines of your host family and adapt your routine, as necessary.  You may need to make some adjustments, such as: taking shorter (possibly colder) showers, listening to your music quietly, letting them know your plans for the evening and if you do/do not plan to eat dinner with the family, etc.

Enjoy your time with your host family and appreciate the unique opportunity to live in this new culture. 
Please make sure to always remain respectful!

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