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Summer isn't just good for catching up on all the sleep you lost during the school year, it's a great time to get ahead in your coursework and graduate on time.

Whether you're a current or visiting student, spending part of your summer taking classes at Saint Louis University will give you the edge and experience you need to be successful. We offer nearly 500 courses, including in-demand biology and chemistry classes:

May 21 - June 30, 2017
Principles of Biology I (BIOL 1240)
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (BIOL 3020)
Principles of Genetics (BIOL 3030)

May 30 - June 26, 2017
General Chemistry I (CHEM 1110) and Lab (CHEM 1115)
Principles of Organic Chemistry I (CHEM 2410) and Lab (CHEM 2415)

July 2 - August 11, 2017
Principles of Biology II (BIOL 1260)
Exercise and Health (BIOL 1460)
Cell Structure and Function (BIOL 3040)

July 10 - August 7, 2017
General Chemistry II (CHEM 1120) and Lab (CHEM 1125)
Principles of Organic Chemistry II (CHEM 2440) and Lab (2425)


Get ahead and have your best summer yet at Saint Louis University. To apply and register as a visting student, please complete the Visting Student Summer Application.

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