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Introduction to Mobile App Development for Apple

Syntax - Coding - Visual Development

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Another one of our most popular and successful tech camps of 2016. The kids asked for it and so we have done it - an expanded, more extensive development of last years' ½ day camp, in 2017 we are dedicating and entire week of full day immersion into the world of developing apps for the IPhone. Critical thinking, problem-solving, and disciplined creativity will all be challenged and engaged in this intensive, weeklong, full day camp (Friday is ½ day).

This camp combines basic introductory coding skills with a parallel introduction to the mobile app environment for Apple devices, IPhone and IPad. The goal is to focus on how mobile apps are structured, with a significant emphasis on the unique syntax, coding and libraries required for the Apple environment. Students will understand basic computer operations, how memory and variables are managed, the edit-compile-load-test development cycle of a program and of course how to get the programs to function on an IPhone or ITab. Students will learn the process of getting their apps published in ITunes, but it will be left to the students (and parents) whether they wish to follow the process of doing so (it requires signing up as an approved developer, etc).

No prior programming experience required - basic keyboarding ability and nothing more. Students MUST bring either a Mac laptop (Macbook) or an IPad II or later. The Mac laptop is greatly preferred over the IPad for many reasons, but the camp is possible on an IPad II or later. Students must have administrative login permission including the ability to download and install software.

Mon-Fri, Jul 24-28
9 am - 3:45 pm (Friday ends at 12 pm)

Open to BoysOpen to Girls Both boys and girls are eligible to apply for this program
Date and Time Jul 24 - Jul 28
Camp Cost


Camp Contact Kerry Guilliams
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