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Minecraft Mods and Development

Minecraft - Game Design/Modding - Basic Programming and Logic

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The third year running, and this camp just keeps getting better. Kids will enjoy exploring libraries of millions of downloadable resources to experiment and enhance Minecraft in an endlessly - literally infinite - discovery adventure. But more, at this age, children actually learn how mods are written, produced, integrated into the Minecraft environment and even published for others to enjoy.

In addition to learning and downloading, Mods, Worlds, Maps, Texture Packs, Skins and more, camp participants will gain invaluable technical experience installing the Eclipse development environment for Java, the Forge software suite for Mod management and the Java JDK or development kit. In doing so not only do they learn about the Minecraft environment but gain extensive experience and more technical confidence with computers in general. Participants learn the basics for modding Minecraft and foundations of basic programming and logicfocusing on how to modify the functionality of Minecraft.

Students MUST bring their own PC/MAC laptop with Minecraft installed, with their own user ID. Mobile versions on tablets or mobile phones of Minecaft are not compatible with design activities. No prior coding skills required. Skills learned are applicable to Xbox-based gaming but modding the Xbox environment directly will not be covered.

Mon-Fri, Jun 12-16
1-4 pm

Open to BoysOpen to Girls Both boys and girls are eligible to apply for this program
Date and Time Jun 12 - Jun 16
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Camp Contact Kerry Guilliams
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