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Munshi (Khaled) Rahman, Ph.D.

Dr. Munshi RahmanProfessional experience

Post-Doctoral Fellow in Geospatial Analysis, Center for Sustainability, Saint Louis University


Ph.D. in Geography, Kent State University
M.A. in Geography, University of Northern Iowa
Cartography and GIS Certifacate, University of Northern Iowa
M.S. in Geography & Environment, University of Dhaka, Bangladesh
B.Sc. in Geography & Environment, University of Dhaka, Bangladesh

Research Interests

Dr. Rahman has gained perspective and interest for many fields in his experience. Some of the fields are: Human-Environment Interactions, Health and Environment, Climate Change and Adaptation, Natural Hazards and Disasters, Application of Geospatial Technologies.

Teaching Experience

Introduction to Geography (Fall 2010; Spring 2011; Fall 2011; Spring 2012; Fall 2012; Spring 2013, Fall 2013, Spring 2014)
Kent State University

Research Publications

1. Rahman, M. K., Paul, B. K., Curtis, A., & Schmidlin, T. W. (2015). Linking Coastal Disasters and Migration: A Case Study of Kutubdia Island, Bangladesh. The Professional Geographer, 67(2), 218-228.

2. Rahman, M.K., and Schmidlin, T.W. (2014). The Perception and Impact of Natural Hazards on Fishing Communities of Kutubdia Island, Bangladesh. Geographical Review,104 (1): 71-86.

3. Rahman, M.K., and Weller, K.E. (2014). Preparation and response to the flood of 2008 in Cedar Falls, Iowa. International Journal of Emergency Management (10(2), 180-192.

4. Paulikas, M.J., and Rahman, M.K. (2013). A Temporal Assessment of Flooding Fatalities in Pakistan (1950 - 2012). Journal of Flood Risk Management, DOI: 10.1111/jfr3.12084.

5. Paul, B.K., Rahman, M.K., and Rakshit, B.C. (2011). Post-cyclone Sidr Illness Patterns in Coastal Bangladesh: An Empirical Study. Natural Hazards, 56:841-852.

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