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Tshiunza (Dan) Kalubi

Dan KalubiTshiunza (Dan) Kalubi
M.A. in Urban Planning and Real Estate Development, 2008
Housing Division Development Analyst
City of Cincinnati, Trade & Development
Cincinnati, Ohio

I'm originally from Cincinnati but was looking to go to another city for my master's degree. I have family in St. Louis and love the city, so SLU was a great fit.

My current position with the City of Cincinnati, Trade & Development, involves managing the residential—single and multifamily—housing developments, but I am transitioning into a role that includes economic development. Working in city government, you have to be flexible.

The planning program at SLU helped prepare me for this work by including classes from different disciplines—law, policy, and business—that all related back to urban planning.

The internship and the combined studio course with Washington University, the University of Missouri-St. Louis, and Harris-Stowe State University were very helpful since working is one of the best ways to learn. Through my internship, I worked with the Washington University Medical Center Redevelopment Corporation, and in our studio project, we worked with a real estate agent to create and present a development plan to a local community. That's exactly what I do now, so it was a great hands-on learning opportunity.

If you are thinking about a career in planning, the best thing to do is go to different events, immerse yourself in the program, and focus on networking and making connections. Get involved in the community and with developers and participate.

That's how you'll get a job after graduation, and the urban planning program at Saint Louis University offers plenty of opportunities to do exactly that!

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