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Graduate Certificate in Geographic Information Science

The Center for Sustainability provides an integrated learning environment in which students use advanced remote sensing and GIS methods, technologies, and applications for spatial problem solving. The Graduate Certificate in Geographic Information Science trains students to become expert geospatial science professionals with well-developed theoretical knowledge and advanced practical skills.

This graduate-level program addresses an increasing demand for professionals with geospatial science skills and offers a combination of GIS theory and practical training. It focuses on current issues, including environmental quality, climate change, sustainability of natural and nonrenewable resources, and the impact of human activities on the environment.

Courses cover the latest image processing techniques for optical, thermal, RADAR, LiDAR remote sensing, geospatial methods and principles of spatial analysis, database design, cartographic representation, management and data mining with integration of GIS, remote sensing, and GPS. We also apply various techniques-including risk assessment and mitigation, environmental modeling, resources exploration, sustainable development, natural resource management, and transportation, air pollution, and forest fire management-and supplement theory and lectures with hands-on projects.

Strengths of the program include the following:

  • A focus on advanced GIS and geospatial methods
  • Use of the latest image processing techniques
  • Coverage of diverse applications in various disciplines
  • Industry-leading hardware and software systems (ArcGIS, ENVI+IDL, SARscape)
  • Instructors with advanced degrees who are well-versed in the latest GIS technologies

Certificate holders are able to develop new applications in various disciplines of geospatial analysis and remote sensing and apply advanced remote sensing and GIS methods and technologies to spatial problems.

Review the Gainful Employment Disclosure for this certificate. 

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