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University-Level Assessment: Graduate and Professional Programs

SLU's University-Wide Student Learning Outcomes for graduate and professional programs (see below) were developed by a team of faculty from throughout SLU's colleges, schools, and centers. The outcomes were endorsed by the Graduate Academic Affairs Committee and the Council of Academic Deans and directors in Spring 2016, then adopted by Provost Nancy Brickhouse in May 2016.
These outcomes define the educational expectations - informed by SLU's Jesuit educational heritage - for all post-baccalaureate students in degree granting programs, regardless of degree or program of study.

Upon completion of graduate-level programs, all post-baccalaureate SLU graduates will be able to:

  1. Assess relevant literature or scholarly contributions in the field(s) of study.
  2. Apply the major practices, theories, or research methodologies in the field(s) of study.
  3. Apply knowledge from the field(s) of study to address problems in broader contexts.
  4. Articulate arguments or explanations to both a disciplinary or professional audience and to a general audience, in both oral and written forms.
  5. Evidence scholarly and/or professional integrity in the field of study.

Graduate-level programs assess student achievement of these outcomes in their own disciplinary contexts. Assessment results inform program and institutional efforts to strengthen curricula, pedagogy, and educational resources.

For a PDF version of these outcomes, please click here.

For questions about any aspect of SLU's assessment of student learning, contact Kathleen Thatcher, University Assessment Coordinator, at (314) 977-4189 or

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