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Provost's Staff

 Nancy Brickhouse  

Nancy Brickhouse, Ph.D. 

As SLU's chief academic officer, Dr. Brickhouse oversees most of the University's educational, research and enrollment efforts. She was deputy provost for academic affairs at the University of Delaware, where she was on the faculty for more than 27 years. She held several leadership roles, including deputy dean of the College of Education and Human Development, and director of the School of Education. An internationally known researcher, she was the investigator or co-investigator on more than $10 million in funded projects. She worked with Delaware's governor on a bill that supported the earlier hiring of UD graduates as teachers, and she served on a task force to establish the state's first set of science standards. 

Mike Lewis  

Michael Lewis, Ph.D.
Associate Provost, Faculty Development

Dr. Lewis is the Associate Provost for Faculty Development and is responsible for the Office of Faculty Affairs, which handles faculty onboarding for new hires, contracts for all permanent and adjunct faculty, and applications for sabbatical and research leaves. In addition, the Office of Faculty Affairs serves as the secretary for the University Rank and Tenure Committee. Dr. Lewis is also responsible for programs to promote the professional development of SLU faculty. This includes programs for new, mid-career, and late-career faculty development, as well as working with SLU's emeriti and retired faculty. Dr. Lewis works closely with the Departments, Centers, Colleges, and Libraries to plan and advertise the development opportunities available to faculty.


Steven J. Sanchez, Ph.D.
Assistant Provost, Office of the Provost.

Dr. Sanchez is an Assistant Provost and is responsible for University-wide assessment of student learning and academic programs, the Office of Institutional Research, and the University's charter school sponsorship efforts. He also serves as the institutional liaison to the Higher Learning Commission for University accreditation and as the Office of the Provost's liaison with Information Technology Services. Dr. Sanchez is a member of the Undergraduate Academic Affairs Committee, the Undergraduate Initiatives Committee, and the Council of Academic Deans and Directors.


Stacey Barfield Harrington, J.D.
Assistant Provost, Office of the Provost

Ms. Harrington is an Assistant Provost and provides financial management and support for the Office of the Provost and all reporting academic units. She provides long term and short term budget planning to the Deans and works closely with their Business Managers to monitor expenses, project year-end budget variances, and complete the annual budget process. Ms. Harrington also serves on various campus-wide committees, namely the Capital Budget Committee.


Rob Wood  

Rob Wood, Ph.D.
Associate Provost, Academic Affairs

Dr. Wood is the Associate Provost for Academic Affairs and is responsible for leading, overseeing, and coordinating - at the baccalaureate and post-baccalaureate levels - the development, implementation, and assessment of academic programs, academic policies, and academic support services and programs. He oversees the University-wide Academic Program Review process and serves as the Provost's Office representative handling student academic and financial appeals. Additionally, he provides administrative leadership for academic advising across campus as well as for the execution and expansion of the learning communities and retention and student success programs and serves on multiple standing committees and task forces.

Mary D  

Mary Drexl
Business Manager, Office of the Provost

Ms. Drexl plans, directs and coordinates department operations for the Office of the Provost and the services provided to all academic and administrative units that report to and interact with the Provost office. Mary also analyzes internal processes and implements procedural changes to improve efficiencies and reviews and adjusts staff support services as needed while also managing the business and budget functions of the office.



Christine Rogers
Coordinator, Office of Faculty Affairs

Ms. Rogers assists the manager for the Office of Faculty Affairs with processes for faculty appointments, tenure and promotion, sabbaticals and leaves as well as support to faculty and academic units on University policies and procedures. She also maintains the data records for full-time and adjunct faculty.



Tracy Watkins
Executive Assistant, Office of the Provost

Ms. Watkins serves as the principal administrative contact for the Provost, performing a range of duties to ensure smooth operations of the office and developing effective systems for managing the Provost's administrative needs. She manages the Provost's complex calendar and travel arrangements and manages special projects as assigned by the Provost.


Nancy Donjon
Administrative Secretary, Office of the Provost

Ms. Donjon provides support to the Office of the Provost and works with the Associate Provost responsible for Academic Affairs. Ms. Donjon also plans meetings and receptions, manages the filing for the Office of the Provost, and assists with various functions and events throughout the year.



Christine Harper, Ph.D.
Doctoral Candidacy Specialist, Graduate Education

Ms. Harper works closely with the Associate Provost for Academic Affairs. She is responsible for advising doctoral students in completing the final stages of their degrees. Dr. Harper ensures that all policies and procedures are followed, students have completed their requirements for degree conferral, understand the graduate process, and have been treated according to University policy.



LaToya Cash
Master's Candidacy Specialist, Graduate Education

Ms. Cash works closely with the Associate Provost for Academic Affairs. She is responsible for advising Master's students in the final semester of their academic career in completing their degrees. Ms. Cash ensures that all policies and procedures have been enforced, students have completed their requirements for degree conferral, understand the graduate process, and have been treated fairly under University policy.



Angie Rellergert, M.A.
Coordinator, Academic Affairs

Ms. Rellergert coordinates operations and financial management of University-wide graduate education initiatives to include graduate fellowships, assistantships and scholarships. She also maintains and analyzes budgets, assists with the various administrative functions relating to graduate education, ensures policy and procedure compliance, reconciles accounts, and prepares financial reports and requisitions. She provides support to the Associate Provost for Academic Affairs, the candidacy advisors, the operations of the Graduate Academic Affairs Committee, and the Graduate Associate Deans and Directors group.

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