Saint Louis University

You are not alone...

  • At SLU, over 700 students are currently deciding on an academic major.
  • National research indicates that three out of four college students express uncertainty about their academic major.
  • More than one-half of all college students change their major at least twice before they graduate.

Making a major and career decision involves some self-exploration

  • What are your interests, abilities, and values?
  • What academic subjects do you enjoy?
  • What are you involved in during your free time?

At Saint Louis University, we strive to help students find their path by discovering their passion and purpose.

Comments from students that have made an educated academic major decision:

  • "It was good to research and explore many areas to broaden my options. "
  • "I was glad I took the time to find out the education needed for particular careers of interest. "
  • "I found it really helpful to talk with a professional in a field in which I was interested."