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Career counseling is a process that allows you to explore, discover and connect to career or major options through collaborative one-on-one meetings with a Career Development Specialist.

These meetings will help you clarify your career or major path, identify career goals and provide support and guidance through the career decision-making and/or job search process.

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What is Career Counseling? Hear what students think...

Reasons to Meet With a Career Development Specialist

  • You have no idea in what you want to major
  • You have a major but do not know what you want to do with it
  • You want to take an assessment to explore possible careers or help with career decisions
  • You need to start your job search but you are not sure what you are looking for
  • You know the job you are looking for, but do not know how to conduct a job search
  • You want an internship but do not know where you want to concentrate your search
  • You completed an internship and discovered that the career is not a good fit for you
  • You are contemplating graduate or professional school and struggling to decide whether or not to go and what the application process entails
  • You just want to discuss your future with someone other than family and friends

 What do students have to say about their visits to Career Services?

"Insightful and...eye-opening. I really enjoyed seeing the results from the Strong and MBTI assessments. I realize that the earlier I start looking into a career, the [better] chances I am going to have."
--Mike, deciding business student

"My visits to Career Services guided me to change my major and pursue my true calling!"
--Anna, deciding student

"I came to Career Services during walk-in hours to have my very first resume reviewed. My counselor was very friendly and gave me great tips on how to improve my resume. It was quick, easy and very helpful. AND, I got the job!"
--Erin, business major and Spanish minor

"[CareerLink] is an easy way to communicate and find prospective employers. It's the quickest way to find an on-campus job."
--Michelle, history major

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