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Graduate Survey Results - Undergraduate Level Programs

FISCAL YEAR 2011-2012  RESULTS (FY12)  print friendly   Statistics - by School and Major

Survey Method:

Graduate survey data for undergraduate level programs is collected three times per year at or near the end of each semester/term. Based on a list of FY12 graduates (including names, addresses, and phone numbers) provided by the Registrar, the Office of Planning and Decision Resources, and the Alumni Relations Office, the Career Services staff contacted each student receiving an undergraduate degree in FY12, utilizing the following methods:

  • Attendance at various departmental events and cap and gown issuance at Barnes and Noble, during which time graduate surveys are completed by potential graduates as a method of gathering pre-graduation data regarding employment status;
  • A Student Voice on-line survey was e-mailed to graduates approximately three months after graduation;
  • A follow-up mailing (approximately five months following graduation) was sent to each graduate who had not yet responded, which included a letter of introduction and explanation, the Graduate Survey, and a return self-addressed envelope to facilitate a better return rate;
  • Approximately six months following graduation, phone calls were made to graduates who had not yet responded to the Graduate Survey, in an effort to reach a higher percentage of FY12 graduates, as well as to update graduates' employment statistics.

**Final Results:

  • Total number of undergraduate degrees (1st or primary degrees only) awarded in FY12: 1660
  • Total number of FY12 graduates (receiving undergraduate degrees) who responded to the Graduate Survey as of December 2012: 1178 (71%)
  • Of the 1,178 graduates who responded to the survey:
    • 462 (39%) are enrolled in graduate/professional school
    • 647 (55%) are employed
    • 23 (2%) are unemployed, but not seeking employment
    • 1,169 (96%) are satisfactorily occupied
    • 48 (4%) are unemployed, seeking employment
    • 1,178 Total number of FY12 graduates who responded to the survey
  • Salaries reported by graduates which were part-time salaries or which were significantly outside the normal high/low salary range were excluded from this report to avoid skewing or distortion of overall salary averages.

**Final results may reflect updates based on data received after original publication of FY12 statistics.

For additional information regarding this survey, please contact Career Services, Saint Louis University, Busch Student Center, Suite 331, Saint Louis, Missouri 63103, or call (314) 977-2828.

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