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Faculty Guidelines to Legal and Ethical Standards in Student Hiring

As a faculty member, you play a direct role in the employment process for new graduates both through your interactions with students and with employers. Additionally, you and the Saint Louis University Career Services staff serve in a complementary capacity to each other. In your role, you have influence with students seeking employment and employers seeking talent. On occasion, your desire and willingness to help students in their job/internship search could result in unanticipated illegal and/or unethical actions.

The National Association for Colleges and Employers (NACE) has developed the following guidelines to assist faculty with appropriate actions regarding student job/internship searches:

Student Referral:

  • If an employer contacts you with a job/internship lead and/or requests student referrals and you provide referrals for a select group of students without publicizing the employment or internship opportunity to all qualified students, this would not be congruent with providing an equal opportunity for all interested qualified students to apply for the position.
  • Identifying students for employers on a "regular" basis could result in you being considered an "employment agency" which means following equal employment opportunity laws. For example, if in the group of students you have referred for jobs or internships a significant number are of a particular demographic group (African American, Hispanic, etc.), this could result in you being open to discrimination charges even if this coincidence is innocent in nature.

Suggested Actions:

  • Alert known interested students to open positions
  • Notify your classes
  • Post the position within the department
  • Send written job/internship postings to
  • Refer employers to Director, Kim Reitter, at 314-977-2927

Minority Student Referral:

  • Employer requests for referrals of qualified minority candidates only could be considered unethical because the opportunity is not open to all potential candidates
  • However, it is ethical to assist employers in reaching out to minority groups as a means of recruiting potential applicants

Suggested Actions:

  • Make a general announcement about the open position in classes
  • Post the position within the department
  • Notify minority student organizations
  • Encourage the employer to contact Career Services directly
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