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Where Are You Located?

The office of Career Services is conveniently located in the Student Success Center in Busch Student Center (BSC) on the 3rd Floor, Suite 331,, 314-977-2828

What Are Your Hours?

Office Hours
Mon-Thur: 8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.   Fri: 8:30-5:00p.m.

Other Hours: By Appointment Only

Walk-In  Hours

Monday - Friday
1:00 p.m. - 2:00 p.m. (10 - 15 minute sessions only)

Disability-related accommodations are available by request

What Services Do You Provide?

We help students and alumni decide on majors and careers, give job search techniques, help you find internships and assist with applying to graduate school. In addition, we provide services such as assessments, on-campus interviewing, career fairs, workshops and more.

How Do I Schedule An Appointment With A Career Development Specialist?

Make an appointment online with SLU Appointments, call our office or stop by in BSC, Suite 331. You will be asked some basic information such as your major (if you are deciding, just state that you are deciding), and what assistance you need (e.g., deciding on a major/career, resume critique, job/internship search or applying to graduate school). 314-977-2828

When Are Your Walk-In Hours?

We have walk-in hours Monday through Friday, 1:00-2:00 p.m. During this time, you can bring in quick questions related to resumes, cover letters, or job search. These meetings are usually no longer than 10 to 15 minutes. For concerns that may be more in-depth, scheduling an appointment is best.

I Am A Freshman. When Should I Start Visiting Career Services?

Start coming during your freshman year. We help students all four years of their undergraduate career. You may discuss ideas about careers and/or majors as early as your first semester and can continue this relationship throughout the rest of your time at SLU and after you graduate because our services are free to alumni.


What Is Career Counseling?

Career counseling is a process that allows you to explore, discover and connect to career or major options through collaborative one-on-one meetings with a Career Development Specialist. These meetings will help you clarify your career or major path, identify career goals and provide support and guidance through the career decision-making and job search process.

What If I Am A Senior And I Do Not Know What I Want To Do?

There are many seniors in this same position. Our professionally trained Career Counselors are aware of the unique needs of seniors and can use this knowledge and experience to guide you through the decision making process while also understanding the additional stress of transitioning to the world of work.

I Want To Major In Theology, But My Parents Want Me To Major In A Healthcare Field. They Are Concerned About What I Can Do With A Liberal Arts Degree.

First, make an appointment with a Career Development Specialist. A Career Development Specialist can help you look at the possibilities for different majors. Majoring in a subject does not necessarily equate with a career in that subject. Employers are most interested in candidates with the required skills needed to do the job. Think about what skills you will develop by obtaining a degree in the major you choose.


When Should I Start Looking For A Job That Will Begin After Graduation?

It really depends on the employer, but more and more employers are recruiting during the fall semester for a summer hire. So, ideally it would be best to start earlier rather than later. You can make an appointment with a Career Development Specialist to set up a job search plan. They can also help with experiential education such as an internship, practicum or job shadowing experience.

How Can Career Services Help Me With A Long Distance Job Search?

We have several ways to assist you with the long distance job search. First, you can look in our job and internship database, Handshake, which will have some postings listed form outside of the St. Louis area. Perform a NACElink extended job search to view opportunities nationwide. Second, there is a link inside the Handshake database called ReferenceUSA which will allow you to search U.S. industries and companies for information, directories and statistics on different companies. There is also a link called GoinGlobal that lists several major U.S. cities and international cities, with job search resources for each of the cities listed worldwide. Third, you may request our office to ask for reciprocity from other universities located in the U.S. city in which you are interested. To request this service, please read the information on the Reciprocity Program.

May I Renege On A Job Or Internship Offer If A Better One Comes Along?

To renege means to break a promise or to not follow through. Once you accept an offer of employment, you are making a commitment to the employer. There are ramifications if you choose to renege on an employment offer. You may cross paths at a future time with the person who offered you the position whether that is one year or five years from now. Additionally, to renege your offer of employment will reflect poorly on SLU, possibly resulting in that employer severing its relationship with SLU. If you are having doubts about accepting a position or need to discuss the offer, please connect with at Career Counselor by calling our office.

How Can Career Services Assist International Students?

We will assist you with career decision making, finding positions for OPT/CPT, as well as assist you with the graduate school application process. GoinGlobal, found in Handshake, is another resource that has listings from a significant number of U.S. and international cities. For each U.S. city, there is a listing of employers who sponsor employees on H1-B visas. These employers would be good ones to start with in your OPT/CPT search since they are familiar with hiring employees from international backgrounds. In addition, you may have more success targeting corporations with international offices.

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