Saint Louis University

What is Career Development?
Career Development starts when a student begins to decide on a major and think about what might happen after college. We encourage students to:

  • begin a process of self-exploration, learning about personal interests,  skills, personality and values
  • connect their self-knowledge to majors and career goals
  • gain experience through internships or volunteer positions
  • launch themselves into the job market with a comprehensive set of job search tools.

When can I refer a student to Career Services?
Our career development specialists have the training and skills to support you as you work with students making career-related decisions. In addition to counseling, our specialists often use career assessments such as the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), Strong Interest Inventory, and the Campbell Interest and Skill Survey. Please refer a student to Career Services when he or she:

  • lacks a career direction and has difficulty making a career decision
  • has self-doubts or confusion, and lacks self-awareness
  • loves the major, but does not know where to take it
  • has a career goal, but needs help putting it into action
  • wants to find an internship, job shadowing or volunteer experience
  •  is ready to start the job search, and needs assistance with networking, resume development, and interviewing

Are there other Career Services events and activities?

  • Fall and Spring Career Fair (participants include employers and graduate schools
  • Networking Events, Etiquette Dinners, Job Search event for Seniors
  • On-Campus Interviewing (in which employers come to campus to recruit students)
  • PSYA 194 Career Decision Making
  • Electronic resume critique for students through Handshake
  • Daily walk-in service for students Monday-Friday 1:00-2:00pm (15-minute sessions only) 
  • Career Development Week (a celebration of career development with various activities and events)

Are there opportunities for collaboration?

  • Refer employers to Handshake, so that all students in your discipline have access to targeted opportunities. 
  • Career Services staff are available to conduct classroom presentations on a variety of career-related topics. Contact our office at

How can I refer a student to Career Services?
Our career development specialists are generalists, in that they work with deciding students and students from all majors and schools. They are also specialists, working with students from a specific discipline. You can refer students to our office via phone to schedule an appointment. You may also print the referral form and hand it to your students.