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Cover Letter

A cover letter provides prospective employers with an introduction to you and your qualifications.

A cover letter also allows you to articulate how your skills, education, and experience fit the position for which you are applying. Review the template here or print the pdf version.


(Your address and date of letter)
123 Maple Drive
St. Louis, MO 63111
December 13, 2001

(Name, Title Address)
Ms. Kate Smith
Assistant Director
Youth Center
5900 South Broadway
St. Louis, MO 63123

Dear Ms. Smith

Body Paragraph

Opening: State why you are writing, what position you are applying for, and how you found out about the position. State why you are interested in the position or company.

Second and Third Paragraph: Include your skills, qualifications and why you are qualified for an interview. Be careful not to begin each sentence with "I." Give examples whenever possible to show your skill and experience.

Final Paragraph: Refer to your resume. State that you would like an opportunity to discuss further how your qualifications meet the needs of the company. You may also be proactive by indicating that you will call in one week to see if a meeting can be arranged.



Clara Jones (Your Signature)

Clara Jones

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