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MentorNet is a nonprofit e-mentoring organization that addresses the retention and success of women and other underrepresented populations in engineering and science!

What is MentorNet?

A program developed through research on our 54,000 users since 1997 to help students and early career researchers in science, engineering, and other fields to succeed.

How do you do that?

Two ways: We help you create your profile as a future professional on the Web, where you can share your goals, network with your peers and future colleagues around the world, and continually evolve your profile as you grow and change and get serious about your career.

If you get into the e-mentoring program, we also will find you a personal mentor and nurture your relationship.

You ask for a lot of information when I create my profile.

Yes. That's to both help make a better match to a mentor and to help fill out your profile.

Is all my information private?

Yes. Everything on your profile is under your control - what to show or not, who you put in your network - and can be changed at any time. We also protect all the information we gather and do not publish or share it without your permission.

Is my relationship with my mentor private?

Yes. We hope you will put your mentor on your own profile page. But if you choose not to, no one will know who you are matched. In any case, no one can or will look in on your emails or phone conversations if you choose to have them.

If you are enrolled in MentorNet through a university or organization, the program administrator will be able to see your usual school info as well as the company and location of the mentor, but not his/her name or contact info.

What is the purpose of the One-on-One e-mentoring program?

The MentorNet E-Mentoring Program is designed for people like you who are pursuing a degree or career in one of the 70+ technical/scientific fields we support and seek help, wisdom, or just some advice from someone who has already launched and established their career.

How to sign up - PowerPoint instructions

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