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Career Services Mission Statement

Career Services at Saint Louis University, in support of our Catholic, Jesuit identity, assists students and alumni in exploring and pursuing meaningful careers over a lifetime. This is accomplished by providing integrative, purposeful opportunities for individualized development of the whole person. To empower students and alumni in their career decision-making process and vocational discernment, we continually foster collaborative partnerships with employers, faculty, staff, administrators, and the greater community.

In support of Career Services' mission, we:

  • Provide a holistic approach to student learning and development. Through our services, students experience integration with the greater community through a deepened sense of self awareness, knowledge of the world around them, and their ability to connect the two.
  • Help students embrace the global community and citizenship. By connecting students with experiential education and career opportunities, we educate students on professionalism, diversity in a global workplace, and the importance of linking the world of work back to the SLU community.
  • Embrace collaboration and integration. By working with internal and external constituencies, we integrate industry with the University population through experiential education, career opportunities, service leadership, and academics.
  • Engage in research and professional development. Staff stay current on workplace, recruitment, and salary trends as well as economic factors and employment.
  • Strive for quality and excellence of service. We provide an innovative, creative approach to developing new ideas and improving processes while using resources wisely to support and sustain the University and its mission.
Higher purpose. Greater good.
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