Saint Louis University

  1. Only Seniors need to use Career Services...myth
    • This is absolutely NOT true. We assist students from freshman through senior years and also help graduate students. Each year students are in different stages of career development, and we are here to help them with their needs
      • Meet with a Career Development Specialist. A Career Development Specialist can help students with choosing a major/career, developing the necessary job search skills or discuss the graduate school application process
      • Career Decision Making Class (PSYA194) - This class is available to freshmen and sophomores who are trying to determine career and/or major direction. It is offered in the Spring and Fall semesters. Students in this class are typically freshmen and sophomores
  2. Only business students can get assistance from Career Services...myth
    • In truth, there are many employers who come on campus to interview business students. However, not ALL employers who visit campus through career fairs, On-Campus interviewing and other events want only business students. Many are looking for students in liberal arts, education, health fields or technical fields
  3. Only students who have chosen a major can come to Career Services...myth
  4. Only job placement is done at the Career Services office...myth
  5. Students seeking assistance with the graduate school application process cannot receive help from Career Services...myth
    • Students CAN receive assistance with the graduate school application process
    • Career Development Specialists can help students understand the differing expectations of graduate school to determine which programs fit the student best
    • Graduate School Information
  6. Career Services is not available to SLU Alumni...myth
    • We are happy to work with SLU Alumni. This can be immediately after they complete college or thirty years later
    • All services are free. Call 314-977-2828 to make an appointment
  7. Internships are only available to juniors and seniors...myth