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Are you looking for an internship or job outside of St. Louis? If so, you may be able to take advantage of Career Services' Reciprocity Program with other universities around the country.

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What is the Reciprocity Program?

Reciprocity essentially means "mutual exchange of privileges." Career Services' Reciprocity Program enables SLU students and alumni to use the career related services of other colleges and universities for a targeted search in a certain geographical region.

University career services offices around the country tend to have many job & internship postings local to their geographic area. For example, if you are job hunting in Seattle, SLU Career Services may be able to put you in touch with a Seattle area university that would offer some of their services to you. In turn, SLU Career Services would offer assistance to students from that university who may be job hunting in St. Louis.

The actual services offered through other schools may be limited, as each institution may offer a different level of reciprocity and access. SLU Career Services cannot guarantee assistance from any other school; all we can do is ask for reciprocity services on your behalf.

How Do I Take Advantage?

To take advantage of this program, complete our Reciprocity Request Form.  If you have any questions, please contact Career Services.

We will contact the schools for you with a request of reciprocity. As we hear back from the schools, we will e-mail you their contact information. It will be up to you to make contact with them and start the process. If you have not heard from your targeted school(2) within 72 hours from receiving the initial email, then contact your requested school(s) directly.

If you are a non-SLU student requesting access to SLU's Career Services, contact our director, Kim Reitter with the name and e-mail address of your career center's director. She may be reached at

For Students Who Do Not Attend a Jesuit College/University, we offer the following reciprocal services:

1.  One (1) month "browse-only" access to our online job database, Handshake
2.  Career counseling appointment for a $100 fee. Career Assessments $25 each
3.  Access to Career Fairs ($10 charge)
4. Reciprocity available to current undergraduate and graduate students and alumni who have graduated less than one year out from their university

For Students Who Attend A Jesuit College/University, we offer the following reciprocal services:

1. Three (3) month full access to job/internship database, Handshake with the exception of on campus recruiting activities.
2. Resume critique service during walk-in hour from 1-2 pm, Monday through Friday
3. Access to Career Fairs at no charge
4. Complimentary 15-30 minute counseling/job search session. All subsequent sessions will be charged: Career counseling $75 fee, Career assessments $25 each, plus appointment for interpretation
5. Reciprocity is available to current students and alumni who have graduated 0-3 years out from their university

If you have questions or concerns, contact Career Services at or (314) 977-2828.

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