Saint Louis University

Our counselors have the training and skills to support you as you work with students making career-related decisions. In addition to counseling, our counselors often use career assessments such as the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), Strong Interest Inventory, and the Campbell Interest and Skill Survey.

Please refer a student to Career Services when he or she:

  • Lacks a career direction and has difficulty making career decisions
  • Has self-doubts or confusion, and lacks self-awareness
  • Loves their major, but does not know where to take it
  • Has a career goal, but needs help putting it into action
  • Wants to find an internship, job shadowing or volunteer experience
  • Is ready to start the job search, and needs assistance with networking, resume and/or cover letter development, and interviewing

Our counselors are generalists, in that they work with deciding students and students from all majors and schools. They are also specialists, working with students from a specific discipline.

You can refer students to our office via phone (977-2828) to schedule an appointment.
You may also, print out the referral form and hand it to the student.