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What To Expect From A Counseling Appointment

Our professionally trained Career Counselors are able to listen to you, support and guide you through the career decision-making, job search and/or graduate school application process and help you find the best resources to meet those needs.

A Career Counselor will not tell you what you should do, but will provide guidance to assit you as you figure out your personal career goals. Meeting with a Career Counselor can help you with the following:

  • Explore your interests, personality, skills, abilitites and values
  • Understand your unique talents
  • Discover answers to your career or major related questions
  • Research questions about careers under consideration
  • Develop decision-making skills
  • Discover obstacles hindering your carer decision-making process
  • Develop job-search and interviewing skills
  • Discover if graduate school is the next step and learn the application procedures

How To Set Up Appointments

The best way to set up an appointment is to call our front desk. You will be asked a few questions such as your major (if you are deciding, just say you are deciding), year in school, phone number and reason for your visit (career decision-making, resume review, interviewing, graduate school). (314) 977-2828

How Long Do Appointments Last? How Many Visits Are Involved?

Appointments are approximately 50 minutes. The number of appointments varies from person to person. It is based on that person's unique needs. If one or more assessments are involved then multiple appointments will be the norm.

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