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Follow Up Letters

A note written within 24 hours of an interview is standard etiquette. It shows your appreciation and helps to keep you fresh in the employer's mind. It also allows you to convey any essential information that might have been overlooked during the interview.

Paragraph One

  • Relay your thankfulness for the interview
  • Mention particulars of the interview; location, date
  • Refer to the position to which you are applying

Paragraph Two

  • Restate your interest in the position
  • Include a brief description of how your education and experience matches the requirements

Paragraph Three

  • Include information you feel would help you get the job
  • Mention specific points that were unique to your conversation; paper you wrote, article you referenced, etc.

Paragraph Four

  • State your willingness to provide additional information about your education and experience
  • End with how you look forward to hearing from or working with them in the near future


  • Sign your name
  • Type your name underneath your signature
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