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May 24-26

Des Peres Hall 213

Online Teaching & Learning Institute (OTLI)

Faculty interested in teaching online courses are invited to register for the Reinert Center's Online Teaching and Learning Institute, which will be held on campus Tuesday, May 24 through Thursday, May 26. This three-day intensive experience is aimed at SLU faculty with little-to-no experience teaching in the online format. Each day runs from 9 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., and participants must attend each day.

OTLI features participant-driven workshops and conversations about creating collaborative learning environments online, online learning theory, and authentic and traditional assessment methods. The Institute gives participants many opportunities for individualized and group consultations with Reinert Center staff, in addition to providing faculty from across the University a chance to learn how other professors and disciplines approach online teaching and learning.

To register for the Online Teaching and Learning Institute, complete the registration form here.

Questions may be directed to Sandy Gambill in the Reinert Center by emailing

Multiple dates


Online Seminars-Summer 2016

Online seminars are offered for participants in the Certificate in University Teaching Skills (CUTS) program only. If you are not yet a CUTS participant, please fill out a Statement of Intent Form, found on the Certificate Program's "Program Requirements" page.

Teaching Philosophy: June 20 - July 1
Course Design: July 11 - 22
Learning Technologies: July 25 - August 5

Registration is required and can by found here

September 6

Boileau Hall

Beyond Because: Preparing Students to Think Critically During Essay Exams (Praxis)

Praxis Workshop with Flannery Burke

September 16

BSC 253 A&B

Against Correction: Giving Effective Feedback (Praxis)

Praxis Workshop with Paul Lynch

September 27

BSC 253 A&B

Teaching Large Classes (Praxis)

Praxis Workshop with Mike Lewis & Elena Bray Speth

October 7

BSC 254

Lessons from Cognitive Science for the Classroom (Praxis)

Praxis Workshop with Lisa Willoughby

October 25

BSC 352/353

Active Learning: What, Why and How (Praxis)

Praxis Workshop with Russell Blythe

November 1

BSC 253 A&B

Facilitating Diversity Discussions for Any Discipline (Praxis)

Praxis Workshop with James Fortney

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