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Certificate in University Teaching Skills Orientation

September 4, 1:30 - 3:00 p.m., Des Peres Hall 213

Join us to learn more about the certificates we offer in our Certificate in University Teaching Skills program. You do not need to be enrolled in the programs to come to this informational session. To read more about our Certificate Program, click here

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Fall Online Courses (CUTS)

The following courses meet the online course requirements for participants enrolled in the Certificate in University Teaching Skills, and are only available for those enrolled in the certificate. For additional details regarding the online courses, follow this link

  • Teaching Philosophy: September 9 - 20
  • Course Design: Septemeber 30 - October 11
  • Learning Technologies: October 28 - November 8

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Note: faculty looking for the Introduction to Online Teaching may contact Sandy Gambill ( to find out when the course will be offered next.

Strategies for the Flipped Classroom (Praxis)

September 10, 1:30 - 3:00 p.m., Allied Health Building Multipurpose Room
Elena Bray Speth, Biology,  and Laurie Russel, Biology

This workshop will present one framework for designing “flipped classroom” instruction, as an example; based on the example provided, participants will be guided to reflect on their discipline, or target course, and begin identifying framework(s) they can use to flip their own classrooms

Active Learning: What, Why and How (Praxis)

September 20, 1:30 - 3:00 p.m., BSC 352/353
Russell Blyth, Mathematics & Statistics

In this workshop we will explore, using participant participation, what is meant by "active learning", why we might consider using it to enhance student learning, and how we can use appropriate forms of active learning in a given (discipline/level) context. 

Teaching Students to Use Sources Responsibly in Written Work (Praxis)

October 1, 1:30 - 3:00 p.m., Boileau Hall
Debie Lohe, Reinert Center

This workshop will consider assumptions about responsible source use in written work, address cultural factors that influence how students (mis)use sources, and share practical strategies for helping students learn to use sources more responsibly and effectively.

Balancing Scholarship and Teaching (Praxis)

October 11, 1:30- 3:00 p.m., BSC 352/353
Bill Siler, Physical Therapy

Teaching and research have been treated like competing interests the past few decades. This purpose of this workshop is to help participants understand what is and what they want in terms of the relationship between teaching and research in their lives.

Teaching with Cases (Praxis)

October 29, 1:30 - 3:00 p.m.,  BSC 352/353
Jim Fisher, Chaifetz School of Business

This workshop will focus on teaching cases as an active learning methodology, one that sharpens students' critical thinking skills and challenges them to engage in the classroom through speaking and listening. The workshop will include a demonstration of case teaching with those attending.