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University Writing Services

Whether you are brainstorming your first assignment at Saint Louis University or putting the final touches on your dissertation, Saint Louis University Writing Services can offer individualized feedback and advice on your writing.

Writing Services

We can assist you in all phases of the writing process, including:

  • Identifying the topic you want to write about
  • Clarifying and organizing ideas
  • Researching, drafting and revising
  • Improving grammar, punctuation and usage
  • Citing sources properly

We work with students from all SLU colleges and departments on academic and non-academic writing. We can’t guarantee you better grades and we don’t proofread or copyedit essays. Our role is to support you by offering a variety of consultation options to hone your skills and become a more confident writer:

Visit at Any Point in Your Writing Process

At University Writing Services, we help you work on whatever you are writing at the moment. Even the most experienced writers find it useful to get feedback on their work throughout the creative process.

Remember Us for Revisions

We can even help you work through multiple drafts of the same assignment. If you plan ahead and make multiple appointments over the course of a project, we can offer even more help. In fact, we recommend coming several times a semester. Dividing your writing into smaller steps improves the final product. If you find that our scheduling software does not allow you to make an appointment far enough in advance, please contact Kelly Herbolich at .


In-Person Consultations

University Writing Services can assist with any piece of writing, oral presentations or multimedia projects. We encourage you to bring in your writing at any point in the composition process.

Consultations begin on the hour and typically last about 45 minutes. Appointments begin with a discussion of your needs. If you are working on an assignment, it is a good idea to bring the assignment sheet or rubric provided by your instructor so you and the consultant can lay out a plan that follows the necessary guidelines.

Students may schedule two appointments per week. In-person consultations should be scheduled through SLU Appointments, available in the tools section of your mySLU portal.

Schedule an In-Person Consultation


Online Written Feedback 

This consultation option is only available to limited student populations:

  • SLU athletes who are on the road
  • Students enrolled in the School of Professional Studies or other online programs
  • Students away from the St. Louis campus for study abroad or personal reasons

Contact Kelly Herbolich (, program director of Academic Support, if you are not in a listed group and believe you should have access to University Writing Services online.

The Online Consultation Process

To request an online consultation, please follow the provided instructions. You will not need to schedule an appointment through SLU Appointments.

  1. Complete the submission form. Before you submit your work, be sure the wait time of five business days fits your timeline for finishing the project. The submission form will provide two designated locations for attachments, one to upload your document and another to upload an optional related assignment sheet or description.  Please save and upload your file in .doc or .docx format.
  2. An online writing consultant will send you feedback from the email  account. This feedback will consist of marginal comments (in Word or Google docs) and a brief summary. Please make sure that you download the updated document to your computer, as you may not see marginal comments in the "view" function of many internet browsers. 

Please note that the feedback process is time-intensive. Writing consultants will only be able to provide feedback for 10 pages per online consultation.  You may indicate  the pages for which you would like to receive feedback or the consultant will work with the first 10 pages of your submitted document. If you want additional feedback after an initial draft, you will need to repeat the submission steps. Each submission requires a new submission form and a new email to

Comments are meant to act as a guide in the revision process. It is always helpful if you give us as much information as possible about your assignment and your writing goals. Please attach your assignment sheet if possible.

Who We Are

Peer Consultants

Consultants at University Writing Services are graduate and undergraduate students who are trained in the different ways people write and how to talk about writing with others respectfully and productively.

Our consultants are good listeners as well as good writers. Peer consulting gives you an opportunity to voice your priorities, ideas and concerns. It can be a time to think aloud, organize thoughts and ask questions outside of a classroom setting.

  • Graduate student writing consultations are with trained graduate students or part time staff
  • Undergraduates work with trained undergraduate or graduate consultants, or part time staff.

Interested in Becoming a Writing Consultant?

Our consultants come from a variety of majors. Consulting is an excellent way to serve the SLU community while gaining additional writing, communication and professional experience.

Writing Consultant Training Courses
All undergraduate consultants take English 3930. The training course is open to all students who have successfully completed an intensive writing course and are interested in learning more about writing while helping others.

These courses meet regularly for the first four weeks. During the fifth week, students schedule two additional hours to consult during the remaining weeks of the semester and the course meets for one hour less a week. Students are also mentored by experienced consultants.

Students receive a grade at the end of the semester that assesses their academic work for the course as well as their professional commitment to consulting. Professionally, consultants are expected to be on time, respectful of students and faculty, supportive of all writers and attentive to the needs of others. Writing consultants must adopt the best practices of consulting as introduced by the faculty in University Writing Services.

Paid Consultants
After completing one of the training courses, consultants are eligible to apply for a staff position. We have both volunteer and paid staff positions. University Writing Services usually hires six to nine new consultants each year. Staff consultants work several hours per week. Paid staff consultants continue their professional development by meeting with other consultants and writing services faculty.