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Some event calendars will have a template for you to fill in the details of your event. Other will require you to submit an event description that should be simple, clear and easy to read. Only include basic information, such as: who is sponsoring the event, a brief description, the location and when the event will start and end. Also include a reliable telephone number and website link for additional information.

If you have a photo or image that relates to your event or speaker, many of the calendar sites will allow you to upload it. You should always submit or post your items several weeks in advance. Following is a list of the most often used local media. Please let us know if you discover a new source that can be added to the list.

St. Louis-Area TV Stations

St. Louis-Area Print Media 

St. Louis-Area Radio

St. Louis Community Websites

Don't forget to send your event details to Newslink at if it would be of interest to the rest of the SLU community. If you need additional information or assistance getting started, please contact Jeanette Grider, senior communications specialist at