Saint Louis University

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Degrees: Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science, with Philosophy major.

Overview: The College of Philosophy and Letters provides the early academic formation of students preparing for the Catholic priesthood. The College is concerned with both the undergraduate training appropriate to the bachelor's degree and the implementation of ecclesiastical requirements for seminarians at the collegiate level, and the philosophical background for further ministerial studies and reflection.

Curriculum: As a consequence of its special objectives, the College of Philosophy and Letters is constituted as an autonomous unit of the University, administered by a dean, but relies on other schools of the University for most of its courses.

Careers in the Field: Possible careers lie in various forms of ordained and lay ministry. The College enrolls students admitted to Kenrick-Glennon Seminary from various dioceses and students admitted to pre- or post-novitiate programs of various religious orders.

About the Faculty: Part-time faculty or full-time faculty of other units of the University teach the few courses offered by the College.