Method for detecting lysosomal storage diseases

Category: Diagnostic

Inventors: Kazuo Okamura, Shuichi Miyaura, Shunji Tomatsu

Summary: A method for detecting lysosomal storage diseases including the steps of performing an assay for a single species of glycosaminoglycan contained in a specimen and correlating results of the assay with lysosomal storage diseases. A body fluid such as urine or blood can be employed as a specimen. The assay can be performed by use of a polypeptide that is capable of specifically binding to a glycosaminoglycan-containing molecule. The polypeptide may be an antibody, or a polypeptide having an antigen-binding site of an antibody.

U.S. 7,951,545 - Applies to Type I, II, III, VI, or VII mucopolysaccharidosis detection
U.S. 8,003,337 - Applies to Type IV mucopolysaccharidosis detection

Manager: Malcolm Townes,