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10-014 - Self-opening brain retractor (distractor) for use with robotic system


Richard D. Bucholz


This invention describes a surgical distractor for distracting tissue of a patient to access structure underlying the tissue of the patient. The distractor includes a tube having a distal end adapted for insertion in tissue, a proximal end opposite the distal end, an exterior surface adapted for contacting the tissue, and an interior surface opposite the exterior surface defining a hollow interior extending between the distal end and the proximal end for accessing structure underlying the tissue when the distal end is inserted in the tissue. The distractor is adjustable from a reduced configuration, in which the tube has a reduced width sized for inserting the distal end in the tissue, and an expanded configuration, in which the tube has an expanded width greater than the reduced width sized to provide the hollow interior with a size sufficient for accessing the structure underlying the tissue.

Intellectual Property Status

  • U.S. patent pending