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02-006 MPS IVa (Morquio A) mouse with point mutation and tolerant of human GALNS

05-008 Method of screening for a drug candidate that increases ATP release from RBCs stimulated via the Gs or Gi pathway

06-020 Compositions and methods for amplification and cloning of near full-length viral genome samples

07-004 Method for improving chemiluminescent signal

07-006 Screening tool for antiviral agents

10-008 Animal model for Parkinson's disease

10-025 Network threading approach for predicting a patient's response to hepatitis C virus therapy

11-004 Electronic research collaboration systems and methods

98-002 Mouse model for hemochromatosis wherein the HFE gene has been disrupted

98-008 C22: a conditionally immortalized mouse Clara cell line

98-013 Human NK 3.3 cell line