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00-011 - Factor IXa: Factor VIIIa interaction and methods therefore


S. Paul Bajaj


Novel agents that inhibit the interaction of factor VIIIa with factor IXa in newly discovered regions of interaction, Region 2 and Region 3, are disclosed. The novel polypeptides or derivatives of polypeptides prevent activation of factor X and have anti-coagulation activity. The agents include polypeptides or polypeptide derivatives that are homologous to factor VIIIa or factor IXa in Region 2 and/or Region 3, as well as agents that are not homologous, such as antibodies Region 2 or Region 3. Pharmaceutical compositions comprising the agents are also disclosed. Methods of treatment are also disclosed, comprising the step of determining whether the compound displaces the interaction of the above agent from factor VIII or factor IX. Methods for preventing coagulation in a blood sample are also disclosed. These methods comprise adding the above agent to the sample.

Tangible Property

Purified TFPI and synthetic peptides spanning selected target epitopes.

Intellectual Property Status

  • Non-patented intellectual property