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Universitas, the award-winning alumni magazine of Saint Louis University, is distributed to SLU alumni, parents and benefactors around the world. The magazine includes campus news, feature stories, alumni profiles and class notes and has a circulation of 112,500.

Saint Louis University's alumni publications date back to the first issue of "Alumni News of St. Louis University," published in October 1926.  The alumni magazine has been known by three different titles over the years.  It was the "Alumni News" until 1954; then "Saint Louis University Magazine" from 1954 to 1975; then finally "Universitas" from 1976 to the present.

 Over 350 issues have been published in all, providing a valuable record of SLU history which includes hundreds of articles, statistics, financial reports, interviews, photos, and more.

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Belize 2020Belize 2020Belize 2020Belize 2020

A collaboration between SLU and Ignatian partners aims to change lives in Belize. 

1818 Teacher Training1818 Teacher Training1818 Teacher Training

SLU's Advanced College Credit program helps high schoolers get ahead.

Service at SLUService at SLUService at SLU

The history of helping at SLU.

Fran Pestello, Ph.D.Fran Pestello, Ph.D.Fran Pestello, Ph.D.Fran Pestello, Ph.D.

Frances Pestello, Ph.D., embraces her role as SLU's first first lady.