President's Report 2023

Impact Profiles

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Rama Kanth Reddy Gosula

Graduate Student, Computer Science

As a graduate student who crossed the globe to make SLU his academic home, Rama Kanth Reddy Gosula understands the unique potential of connections made across nations and cultures. And he knew just the way to spark those connections on SLU's campus.

Gosula introduced the sport of cricket to campus by organizing an exhibition match during International Student Orientation and then later, a tournament for eight teams. His goal? Welcome and connect diverse students through this “universally cherished sport.”

As a graduate student, you introduced cricket on campus. How did that happen?

It started with organizing an exhibition match in August 2023 during International Student Orientation week. With the help of Dr. Eric Armbrecht, now the senior advisor to the president for strategic growth, and the Global Grad Initiative, we organized a cricket match on campus. After witnessing the success of the exhibition match, we decided to make it bigger by organizing a tournament with eight teams competing. This ignited cricket fever on campus.

What impact did you hope to have with this event?

I wanted to organize a unique event that not only made international students feel at home but also brought them together in a special way. I aimed to unite international students with diverse backgrounds, regions and interests through this universally cherished sport. Not only did we succeed with that, but the tournament also created a lively and inclusive community. My initial hope was to break down cultural barriers, and I'm delighted to share that the impact exceeded my expectations. The cricket event played a significant role in fostering strong connections among students, and making everyone feel more connected and at home on campus. We hope to make it an annual event

What did this endeavor teach you about impact?

Impact goes beyond organizing events. It lies in the power of shared experiences and a sense of belonging. The success of the cricket event reinforced the idea that impact initiatives require collaboration, cultural awareness and a commitment to building communities that transcend boundaries.

Tell me about your current studies and what impact you hope to have in the future.

Throughout my studies, I have delved into various aspects of computer science, including algorithms, data structures and software engineering principles. My interest lies in creating robust and scalable software systems that address real-world challenges. My goal is to contribute to the advancement of technology by developing cutting-edge applications that improve efficiency, enhance user experiences and address societal needs. I also hope to actively participate in collaborative projects that foster innovation, contribute to the broader tech community and push the boundaries of what is possible with technology.