African American Studies

How did the United States elect an African American president? Why is there a disproportionate concentration of African American men in state and federal prisons? How are African American women portrayed in U.S. and world media?


Find the answer to these and so many more questions through Saint Louis University's African American studies program.

Degrees in African American Studies

Bachelor of Arts in African American Studies

Undergraduate Minor in African American Studies 

What is African American Studies?

African American studies is a systematic study of the racial, cultural and ethnic experiences of people of African heritage. Through this major or minor, you will begin to understand national and world views of African-American and African-world people and how that affects perceptions of self, family and community.

Saint Louis University’s African American studies program offers a major and minor program, and select courses may fulfill core course requirements for the College of Arts and Sciences.

Careers in African American Studies

Either a major or minor in African American studies gives you the opportunity to develop a deeper understanding of the pluralistic society in which you live. You will become knowledgeable about the African diaspora and be prepared to seek careers or professional programs where you can use that knowledge to design and implement programs for, and on the behalf of, African Americans.

Our Unique Features 

Saint Louis University’s African American studies program is interdisciplinary. Many of the courses we offer are cross-listed with other academic departments and may also fulfill some College of Arts and Sciences core requirements. This variety of courses across academic disciplines enables you to develop new ways of conceptualizing issues related to race and culture.

Who Pursues African American Studies?

Students enrolled in our programs gain insight and knowledge about the cultures and histories of people of African heritage in the U.S. and throughout the African diaspora. African American Studies courses complement a variety of academic majors. Our recent graduates include students who have also majored in communication, marketing, political science, psychology and social service.