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Blythe Janowiak, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Courses Taught

Molecular and Cellular Biology 1, Microbial Ecology


Ph.D., Medical College of Wisconsin

Research Interests

Janowiak's laboratory is interested in how specific Gram-positive pathogenic bacteria evade the host cell defenses during an infection. By better understanding the biochemical basis of their toxins and bacterial defenses, researchers can better target these toxins and defenses in order to weaken the bacteria during an infection. Antibiotic resistant bacteria are on the rise, and researchers need to develop alternatives to the common antibiotics.

Specifically, research in her laboratory is focused around Streptococcus agalactiae (Group B Steptococcus, GBS), an important pathogen most known for its role in causing neonatal meningitis. Pregnant mothers testing positive for GBS are given prophylactic antibiotics to help prevent passing on the infection to their babies. However, due to the rampant increase use of antibiotics in animal feed, on vegetables, and in the environment, many bacterial species, including GBS, are becoming resistant to many of the common antibiotics. Therefore, novel antibiotic targets need to be developed. Attractive targets are the primary defenses of GBS against the host immune system. GBS is able to both escape from macrophages and persist inside macrophages for days, due to potent toxins and oxidative stress resistances, respectively. The goals of Janowiak's lab are to 1) explore the biochemical and biophysical mechanisms of the GBS toxins, and 2) understand the role and biochemical basis of the oxidative stress defenses of GBS.

Labs and Facilities

Janowiak welcomes graduate and undergraduate students in my laboratory with interest in the biochemistry of pathogenic bacteria. Research projects include the opportunity to study select Gram-positive pathogens using a variety of biochemical, microbiological, cellular, biophysical, and molecular techniques. Students interested are welcome to contact me about current research opportunities in my laboratory.

Publications and Media Placements

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*both authors contributed equally

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*both authors contributed equally

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