Jason Knouft, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Courses Taught

Biogeography, GIS in Biology, Advanced Ecology, Global Change Biology


Ph.D., University of Illinois 

Research Interests

Knouft's current research interests are primarily focused on the investigation of the effects of human impacts on the environment (climate change, urbanization) on the distribution of aquatic taxa across multiple spatial scales. A goal of this work is to develop hydrologically-based GIS applications for the study of aquatic biodiversity.

Labs and Facilities

Knouft's laboratory currently has openings for master's and doctoral degree students as well as undergraduates. In particular, he is seeking students interested in integrating field, lab, and GIS-based techniques to better understand the factors involved in the regulation of freshwater species distributions and community structure. Please contact Knouft for further information.

Publications and Media Placements

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