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Degrees in History at SLU

Undergraduate History Experience

The faculty members in the Saint Louis University Department of History have designed a curriculum that ensures you graduate from Saint Louis University with the best liberal arts education available.

At the introductory level, our focus is on teaching you how to identify sources and how they might be useful as evidence — from texts to archaeological artifacts to quantitative data.

Regardless of whether you dive more deeply into history, we want you to begin to feel comfortable using evidence to discuss historical change on both a micro and macro-scale and to practice historical empathy — thinking creatively about a different time.

Whether you're a history major or minor or not, all of our upper-division courses help you acquire a cultural competency in a region of the globe or a specific time period. Here, under the guidance of real experts who have worked in these fields, you will learn how to collaborate and incorporate feedback and comments from professors and peers, all while practicing the craft of writing.

Finally, if you do decide to become a major or minor in history at SLU, you'll learn how to design a research project of your own choosing. At this stage, you'll work closely in cooperation with a faculty mentor. You'll learn to connect your individual projects to debates within the larger field and communicate your research and interpretation in a substantial written project.

Graduate Program in History

The graduate program in history at Saint Louis University is one of the oldest in the country, granting its first Ph.D. in 1919. Today we continue that tradition of excellence by training students in a variety of historical fields.

We are a U.S. News & World Report Top 100 history doctoral program. The reputation of our program is based, above all, on the strength of our faculty, whose research and publications have won national and international recognition.

Ph.D. programs are offered in three specialization areas: medieval European history, early modern European history and United States history. M.A. programs are also available in these three areas as well as modern European history and world history.

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