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Neuroscience Program

The neuroscience program at Saint Louis University offers an interdisciplinary Bachelor of Science degree with in-depth coursework in psychology and biology, along with courses in chemistry, mathematics, physics and philosophy.

Neuroscience lab
Neuroscience majors participate in guided neuroanatomical laboratory sessions provided by the Center for Anatomical Science and Education.

The program also offers diverse electives allowing students to explore their passion for the brain and nervous system.

Neuroscience is the science of the nervous system, from molecules and cells to the relationship between the brain and behavior. SLU’s College of Arts and Sciences provides students with a rigorous course of study and provides outstanding preparation for those interested in pursuing graduate school, medical school or careers in the biomedical sciences.

History of Neuroscience at SLU

In 2008, a dedicated group of undergraduate students proposed creating a major in neuroscience, uniting coursework from the psychology and biology departments.

Interest in the major grew rapidly over the next few years to more than 50 students in 2013. The enthusiasm and resourcefulness of undergraduates combined with the efforts of faculty led to neuroscience becoming a formal interdisciplinary degree program in 2014. Two additional faculty members were hired in 2015 to teach new courses and labs specifically developed for majors.