Career Resources Center

The Valerie A. Davisson Career Resources Center at Saint Louis University offers career management education and personalized services to students and alumni of the John Cook School of Business.

The center serves as a catalyst for creating meaningful connections and developing outstanding internships and employment opportunities.

Undergraduate Students

We have a dedicated office staffed with professionals to help you couple your classroom experience with real-world experiences. The Career Resource Center is dedicated to aiding you in your success as both a student and a professional.

FOCUS Program

The Focus On Careers for Undergraduate Students (FOCUS) program develops and hones your skills over your four-year career at SLU. A combination of events, activities, workshops and resources, the program gives you a competitive edge in developing your academic career and post-academia job search. Our goal is for every business student to celebrate the end of their educational journey with a diploma in one hand and a job offer in the other.

The FOCUS program is designed to help undergraduate students proactively start their efforts to secure internships during their college career and full-time job opportunities upon graduation. All events and activities must be completed by graduation to receive a notation on official transcripts.

Through the FOCUS program, you will:

  • Learn more about your personality and preferences through assessment tools
  • Explore career options
  • Develop a professional resume
  • Sharpen your interviewing skills
  • Learn effective networking strategies
  • Execute a successful internship and job search
  • Focus on career management as a lifelong process
  • Interact with potential employers and business professionals through networking meetings, networking events and career fairs

This four-year career development program is a culmination of assessments, workshops, career fairs and networking events with employers and executives.

Upon completion of the FOCUS program, students will have developed a career portfolio and a set of tools to highlight academic accomplishments, strengths and interests, job/internship experience, service/volunteer activities and leadership/on-campus activities that will provide the advantage of a seamless transition from college into the workplace.

Internship Program

Internships are typically one-time work or service experiences related to a student’s major or career goal. Contact the CRC undergraduate internship coordinator to get started. Internships usually allow a student to work in a professional setting under the supervision and monitoring of practicing professionals. Internships can be paid or unpaid, and the student may or may not receive academic credit for performing the internships. Completing an internship is one of the best career development experiences for an undergraduate student before graduation.

What to Expect

Saint Louis University interns are expected to behave in a professional and ethical manner at all times on an internship site. Securing an internship typically follows these steps:

  • Meeting with the CRC internship coordinator to discuss internship goals and opportunities.
  • Responding to employer internship postings or contacting employers to learn if they may offer an internship opportunity that you can pursue.
  • Formulating an agreement with the internship site supervisor regarding work objectives and performance expectations and with his/her assigned faculty sponsor once an Intern has chosen an internship site; evaluations will be completed at mid-term and final at which time a grade will be assigned.
  • Working an average of 15 to 20 hours per week at the internship site during a fall or spring semester or 40 hours per week during the summer semester.
  • Earning up to three hours of credit when internships are formalized through the internship coordinator and receiving monetary compensation for some internships.

Graduate Students

Your success matters to us. We have the resources to help you achieve your goals. Take action today and find out how the Career Resources Center can help you.


Your experience in the John Cook School of Business prepares you for a variety of roles in the business community. Upon graduation, you are equipped to create a purposeful and meaningful career.

We understand and support the importance of work-life satisfaction, and we want to work with you as you begin to shape your future. Professionals in the Career Resources Center are available to help you better manage your career.

To schedule an appointment MACC students and alumni should contact Allison Roba at All other graduate students should  contact Molly Thompson at


Who you know can make all the difference in your career. Building professional business relationships is a core value in any successful career.

There are endless opportunities for you to connect and start building your business relationships while studying. As one of the oldest business schools west of the Mississippi, the Cook School is highly respected and connected in the St. Louis business community.

As such, the school’s programs, while open to our friends and supporters, are meant to help bridge the gap between education and practice. In addition, there are multiple opportunities outside the school to help you establish yourself as a young business professional.

We encourage you to take advantage of the following opportunities:

  • Professional mentor: Contact the center to set up a mentorship.
  • Alumni: With 20,000-plus alumni worldwide in various professions, odds are favorable that we can help pair you up with someone in your desired field.
  • Volunteering: There are a variety of events occurring. Contact us to learn more ways to get involved.


Our graduates know that the commitment to excellence and success doesn’t end with a diploma. That’s why the Career Resources Center offers alumni career management tools and services that are accessible throughout their career.

Even after you graduate, we are available to assist you in reaching your career goals. We are happy to provide the following services for our alumni:

Strategy Development

Take advantage of the career advisors in the CRC and University-wide Office of Career Services resources to create a job search strategy, redevelop your resume or improve your interviewing skills. Make an appointment for an individual or group advising session.


Handshakeis a Saint Louis University recruiting resource that allows you to research company and career information, as well as view job descriptions and apply for jobs online. Registration is free.

Connecting with Other Alumni

Engage in the online LinkedIn community. Simply search for Alumni of the John Cook School of Business and gain access to leverage the expertise of fellow alumni in times of career transition.

Updating Your Credentials  
Learn about the latest workshops and certificate programs offered by the Cook School that can help you gain additional expertise in your areas of interest. Read more about our professional development offerings.
Build Your Network  

Staying connected and building your professional contacts can help your business or career succeed. With more than 20,000 alumni worldwide, there are multiple ways to connect to our alumni.

Cook School Alumni Board

The Cook School Alumni Board is an organization of alumni of the school that work together to foster an ongoing positive connection with students, the alumni community, the Cook School, Saint Louis University and the St. Louis community to:

  • Enhance the image of the Cook School and Saint Louis University
  • Recommend prospective candidates for the school and university 
  • Recruit and hire Saint Louis University students and alumni 
  • Support University-sponsored programs 
  • Develop the goals of the Cook School of Business and Saint Louis University

 International Business Alumni

If you are interested in becoming involved with the Boeing Institute of International Business, you can volunteer to become a mentor or a guest lecturer, sponsor an inter, host a company tour for current international business students and receive our alumni newsletter. Contact the Boeing Institute for International Business at for more information.

Master of International Business Alumni Association

The mission of the Master of International Business Alumni Association is to serve as a medium to promote the program to the St. Louis business community and to provide a contact network for the alumni and students through:

  • Recruiting new students and promoting the program to companies
  • Planning events (such as alumni, networking or other social gatherings)
  • Developing and maintaining an alumni database for the community 
    coordinating with the Cook School’s Alumni Association

To get involved or to update your information, please email the association at


Share Your Knowledge and Resources  

The Career Resources Center holds a variety of events throughout the year, such as panel presentations, fairs, mock interview sessions and roundtable discussions. The experience, background and insight of Cook School alumni are an invaluable resource that helps our students develop. 

Mentor a Student

We welcome alumni to volunteer their time and provide assistance to students by offering career information, industry presentations, job and internship possibilities, mentoring relationships and networking opportunities.

Connect Online

Become part of the AlumNet community or LinkedIn group. AlumNet is a network of alumni from the Cook School at Saint Louis University who wish to assist current students and other alumni with their career development. In LinkedIn, search groups for the group Alumni of the John Cook School of Business.

Come Back

The Cook School hosts a variety of events throughout the year and our alumni are always welcome as guests. There is no better way to connect with current students and help provide professional advice.

Promote SLU

The John Cook School of Business values the expertise and experience of our alumni, and we encourage their involvement with students. We welcome alumni to volunteer their time and provide assistance to students by offering career information, industry presentations, job and internship possibilities, mentoring relationships and networking opportunities.

Provide Opportunities

Offer students opportunities to shadow you or allow them to work on projects. You can also mentor them. These are great ways for students to gain experience that will build help their professional development.

Be an Ambassador

Share new openings in your organization with the Career Resources Center. Talk to students who are preparing to interview with your organization. Assist applicants in receiving strong consideration within your organization.

Hire a Billiken

If your organization has a position to fill, the Cook School’s Career Resources Center can post the position or facilitate on-campus candidate interviews.