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Dental Education

The Center for Advanced Dental Education offers advanced dental education programs of orthodontics,   endodontics and periodontics that prepare students for specialty practice and satisfies the education requirements of the respective specialty boards. A Certificate of Proficiency and Master of Science degree are awarded after the completion of all requirements of the respective specialty program. Other programs, including postdoctoral fellowships and other special course work for non-degree and non-certificate students, may be provided in special circumstances. (Find out how to apply.)

Each individual specialty program demands full-time, in-residence participation. While the three programs vary in length and differ in educational goals, each requires completion of CADE's core curriculum, as well as specialty courses unique to the individual discipline. 

Teaching facilities include an 18-station technique lab, a large multi-media auditorium, three classrooms, a library, and three research labs.  Support areas include offices, storage and sterilization areas, and a laboratory for fabricating appliances.

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