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Our Mission
The Honors Program at Saint Louis University engages intellectually curious and academically successful students in a community oriented towards the Jesuit ideals of holistic learning, academic rigor, and community engagement. Through a combination of individually tailored curricula, experiential learning opportunities, and developmental guidance and mentorship, the Honors Program prepares students to become citizens who engage in the process of inquiry and apply their knowledge in service to society.

Holistic Learning
These goals are accomplished through a holistic learning model that has built-in opportunities for special honors-only course sections and smaller, seminar-style classes. Honors students are also encouraged to engage in experiential learning through internships, independent research projects and study abroad semesters.

Fits Any Major
The University Honors program fits with any academic or career path. Its graduates go on to study in professional schools (such as medicine or law) or graduate programs in their disciplines. A number of Honors students also successfully compete for post-graduate scholarships and fellowships such as the Truman, Marshall and Rhodes scholarships and the Fulbright Fellowships.

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Office Hours:
Monday to Friday
8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Mailing Address:
University Honors Program
3634 Lindell Blvd.
119 Verhaegen Hall
St. Louis, MO 63103

Phone: 314-977-3951
Fax: 314-977-1474

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Important Dates

Feb. 15 — Application deadline for current student admission, fall semester

May 5 — Graduating seniors may pick up their Honors cords

May 15 — Capstone project due to the Honors office

Aug. 1 — Application deadline for transfer student admission, fall semester
Oct. 7 — Junior/Senior Pre-Registration and Capstone Information Session

Oct. 10 — Eckert's Apple and Pumpkin Picking with HSA

Oct. 28 — Sophomores and Firs-Year Student Pre-Registration Information Session

Oct. 29 — Almost Home Halloween Party (HSA)

Dec. 1 — Application deadline for freshman student admission

Dec. 1 — Deadline for Presidential Scholar applications

Dec. 5 — HSA Study Hall

Dec. 12 — HSA Study Hall

Meet the Faculty

Scott Berman, Ph.D. — Prof. Berman has been part of SLU’s philosophy department since 1991, and his specialty is pairing ancient Greek philosophy with contemporary metaphysics. He often teaches the Honors-only section of Introduction to Philosophy, a discussion-based class that builds on the foundations of Western philosophy to provide you with new windows into your world. Learn more about Dr. Berman here

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