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Accessing Grading through Banner

To access grading through Banner, follow these steps: 

  1. From the Faculty/Advisors Services menu, click the Final Grades link.

  2. Select the current term from the Select a Term: drop-down menu (displayed below).

  3. From the Final Grades page, enter the grade for each student either by selecting from the drop-down menu or typing in the grade. In the Rolled column, an N means the course has not been "rolled" into the student's academic history. A Y means it has.

Please Note:

  • All grades are due 48 hours after the last class/exam.

  • Class lists are divided into 50-student increments. If you have graded 1-50 and are looking for 51-100, you will see a 51-100 link at the top of your class list.

  • Grades will not appear in student records until they are rolled into academic history.

  • You may change a grade in Banner Self-Service until the course has been rolled into academic history. After that time, grade changes must be done with a paper Change of Grade form.

  • If a student stops attending your class, you MUST use this screen to enter their last date of attendance.
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