Symantec Endpoint Protection

SLU's antivirus software for all Windows-based University-owned computers is Symantec Endpoint Protection. ITS also provides instructions on how to download Symantec Endpoint Protection for your personal computer.

Endpoint delivers better defense for laptops, desktops and servers by stopping a variety of malware, including: viruses, worms, Trojans, spyware, adware, and bots. By integrating these security technologies, Endpoint increases protection while minimizing security outbreaks and helping lower the total cost of ownership for SLU.

During the installation of Symantec Endpoint Protection, users may see these screens display:

Installation Notification:

When Symantec Endpoint Protection is installed, users will see a gold shield with a green dot in the system notification area to indicate that the installation is complete.

Tracking Cookie - Deletion Notification:

This screen may display on some machines. This alerts users that Endpoint has found a malicious tracking cookie and removed it from the machine. Users can click Close.

Please note: Users do not need to call the IT Service Desk (314-977-4000) UNLESS this screens displays  a risk other than "tracking cookie."

Risk Message (Click OK):

This message may display on some machines upon logging on to the machine. Users should click OK.

Please note: Unless Symantec notifies users of other risks after this screen, no action is needed. If other threats are risks are detected, please call the IT Service Desk at 314-977-4000.