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SGA Elections

SGA elections take place annually on the last Monday in February. The Election Commission, appointed by the SGA president and confirmed every October, oversees the election and creates the campaign and finance regulations for the election. 

This year's February 26th election will seat the 2018-19 SGA Senate, which serves as the voice of the students to the administration and to the community at large. All SLU students are encouraged to exercise their right to vote, either online on SLUGroups from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. on February 26th or at official polling places operated by the Election Commission around campus.

Contact the the Election Commission with any questions at  

View the 2018 Election Slate

Student Activity Fee Referendum

During the Fall 2017 semester, the SGA Senate added a referendum to the SGA Election Ballot to allow students the opportunity the increase the Student Activity Fee.

The Student Activity Fee is currently $55 per semester that funds all 140+ Chartered Student Organizations (CSOs) on campus.

The ballot language is as follows:

The Student Activity Fee (currently $55/semester) funds all student organizations on campus. This includes Cultural Groups, Club Sports, Honors Societies, Academic Groups, Service Groups, etc. It funds almost every event on campus including speakers, Fall and Winter Welcome events, Atlas events, showcases and many more - over 400 events in total.


Currently the Student Activity Fee falls about $200,000 short of what current groups on campus request, that could be funded. This year, an additional 5-10 groups will be eligible for Annual Funding, creating even more of a gap between what students would like access to on campus and what can be afforded. Based on the Student Government Association Finance Committee’s calculations, an increase to the Student Activity Fee will be able to offset the large gap in what is requested and what is able to be afforded. An increase will decrease costs in the long run, as it will help keep dues for groups down, allow more events to be free on campus, and allow SGA to assist with capital purchases for groups to ensure services are available for all students.


The current Student Activity Fee generates approximately $900,000 for use to fund all Charted Student organizations on campus for the 2017-2018 academic year.

Shall additional funding to Chartered Student Organizations and student initiatives be granted through an increase of the Student Activity Fee for undergraduate students?

Option 1: An increase to $65/ semester ($20 more for the year). This will offset the cost of new groups.

Option 2: An increase to $70/ semester ($30 more for the year). This will offset the cost of new groups and help CSOs continue to receive funds for growth and prevent the student body from having to increase the fee for several years.

Option 3: Do not increase the Student Activity Fee