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Daniel Blanch, Ph.D.

Department of Political Science
International Relations


Ph.D. University of Denver, Korbel School of International Studies, USA
M.A. University of Denver, Korbel School of International Studies, USA

Research Interests

Dr. Blanch focusses on citizens & political participation in relation to the current crises in democracy, particularly in Europe and the USA. Democratic accountability and the mechanisms involved in these processes are key to empowering citizens and renewing the legitimacy of political institutions. Diverse cultural perspectives and shared conceptions of democratic principles provide the basis for Dr. Blanch’s research in areas of national sovereignty and social transformation in the public sphere.

Publications and Media Placements

Conference Papers & Recent Academic Presentations

‘Populism and the Crisis of the EU: Can Citizens Construct Their Own Identity?’, paper presented at the 26th Annual Philosophy and Social Science Conference, at the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, 16-20 May 2018.

‘Democratic yearning, populism and global issues’, paper presented at the 25th Annual Prague Critical Theory Conference, at the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, 17-21 May 2017.

‘Transparency or opacity in ancient & modern political life: are citizens to be truly informed?’, paper presented at the II Colloquium in the History of Moral & Political Philosophy, University of Minho, 13 January 2017.

‘Democratic Principles in a Rationalist Public Square: on Merging Citizens’ Cultural Perspectives’, paper presented at the Prague Critical Theory Conference, at the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, 18-22 May 2016.

‘Faccións e finanzas: as vicisitudes das eleccións presidenciais do 2016 en EE.UU.', Universidade de Santiago de Compostela, 4 April 2016.

‘Citizens and Representation in Democracy: Tolerance, Secularism and Hyperpluralism’ paper presented at Colloquium in the History of Moral and Political Philosophy, on ‘Representation, the People, and Political Leadership’, University of Minho, Braga – Portugal, 14-15 January 2016.

‘Citizens in 21st century democracies: beyond coexistence to shared political principles?’, paper presented at the Prague Critical Theory Conference, at the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, 21-24 May 2015.

‘The Choices and Voices of Citizens: Political Participation and Post-Enlightenment Theory’, paper presented at the Philosophy and Social Science Conference, at the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, Prague, May 22-25, 2014.

‘Seeking Common Ground: Courageous Citizens, Polarized Democracies and the Rhetorical Approach’, paper presented at the Fourth Conference on Democracy, University of Minho (Portugal), November 2013.

‘Rhetorical Imagination and the Citizen’ presented at the Rhetoric, Between the Theory and Practice of Politics Conference, University of Minho (Portugal), June 2013.

‘Democratic Theory for Today’s Citizens -Seeking Accountability in Governance’ presented at the International Political Science Association Conference, Complutense University, Madrid (Spain), June 2012.

‘Youth intercultural experiences’, paper presented at the ‘Youth Constructing Worlds. Capacities and Limits of Action for Change’ Conference, Madrid, 14 October 2010.

‘Retórica y el ciudadano activo: ideas sobre la democracia, del Atlántico al Mediterráneo’ [Rhetoric and the active citizen: ideas on democracy, from the Atlantic to the Mediterranean], paper presented at the work group El desafío democrático de la Retórica, IX Congreso de la Asociación Española de Ciencias Políticas, Málaga, 23-25 Sept 2009.

‘Conclusions’, for the Seminar: ‘The Inclusion of Migrant Young People in Society – The Role of Local Authorities & Civil Society’, European Youth Center Budapest, 19th– 20th October 2006.

‘Social exclusion risks for youth in NW Spain’.  Paper presented at the Council of Europe Seminar Social inclusion and young people, Budapest, Oct.31-Nov.2, 2005.

Select Publications

El Federalista, (translation with Ramón Máiz of The Federalist Papers, by A. Hamilton, J. Madison and J. Jay). Madrid: Ediciones Akal

‘Estrategias dialécticas y retórica en los fundamentos democráticos de los Estados Unidos’, [Dialectical strategies and rhetoric in the democratic origins of the United States] article published in Utopía y Praxis Latinoamericana.

‘Introducción’.  Book chapter in La evasión americana de la filosofía. Una genealogía del pragmatismo. Madrid: Editorial Complutense.

La evasión americana de la filosofía, (translation of The American Evasion of Philosophy, by Cornel West.)  Madrid: Complutense University Press (short-listed for the best book translation award of the year by the Unión de Editoriales Universitarias Españolas.)

Los Estados Unidos de Europa. Manifiesto para una Nueva Europa (translation of The United States of Europe. Manifesto for a new Europe, a book by Guy Verhofstadt). Santiago de Compostela: Edicións Tórculo.

‘Depending on their parents: risks of social exclusion among youth in northwestern Spain’.  Book chapter in Social inclusion for young people: breaking down the barriers, edited by H. Colley, P. Boetzelen, B. Hoskins, and T. Parveva, Strasbourg: Council of Europe.

‘Between the traditional and the postmodern: political disaffection and youth participation in Galicia’.  Book chapter in Revisiting youth political participation, edited by J. Forbrig, Strasbourg: Council of Europe.

‘The Multicultural Nature of Democracy: Spain’s Multination State’.  Book chapter in On European Identity: Nationalism, Culture and History, edited by C. Szaló, Brno: Masaryk University.